The 6 Month Challenge:

I’m proposing a healthier lifestyle challenge to my friends.  And as you can guess, the challenge lasts for 6 months and will be further broken down into 2 week increments.

Because everyone is different and has different goals, the challenge will largely be based on your individual quantifiable goals.  The key here is quantifiable.

An example of a good goal is:

  • I am going to do 15 pushups a day for the next 14 days
  • I am going to walk outside for 20 minutes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • I am not going to eat pasta Mon-Sat, but Sunday I will cheat

An example of a bad goal is:

  • I am going to eat healthy
  • I’m going to exercise more

The goals can really be ANYTHING related to living a healthy lifestyle and you can have as little or as many goals as you want during the 2 week period. After the 2 weeks are up, the goals should change to keep you interested.

I’m going to set up a website of some sort that everyone will have access to.  Your 2 week goals will be posted for all to see.  When you complete part of your goal, you’ll update the website.  For instance, if you have the pushup goal, you’ll update the website daily when you finish your 15 pushups.  If you do not update the website, it is assumed that you failed for that day’s goal.

Now comes the challenge part.

If you fail your goal, you owe each of the challenges’ participants $1.  So, using the pushup example again, if on Monday and Thursday you don’t update the website, you owe each participant $1 for each failure.

Also, once you start the competition, you must complete the 6 months.  If you want out, you owe each participant $1 for each remaining week.

This challenge is strictly on the honor system.

Also, I was asked about sick time, again the honor system and you must post that you’re sick.

I want to start this challenge on February 27th (to give me time to build the website).  If you’re in, just send me a one word response, “In”.  If I don’t hear back from you, I’ll assume that you’re not going to participate.

Starting on the 27th, will also give me some time to take some body measurements and pictures; I would suggest you do the same.

Again, this is supposed to be fun, and will be a good way to get a little healthier.


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